International Student Admission for Summer and Winter Sessions

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UMBC invites eligible international students to enroll in summer or winter sessions as visiting (single term) students.

International students (F-1 visa holders) who reside in the US and attend another US college/university must provide a copy of their visa, passport, and the I-20 form issued by their home institution in the US when they apply to UMBC as a visiting student for summer or winter session.

Submit copies of the required documents with the online application or forward them to the Office of Summer, Winter and Special Programs at or

International applicants who do not reside in the US are welcome to enroll in summer or winter courses offered online, since online courses do not require travel to the US. You must first apply and be admitted to UMBC as a visiting student before you can register for an online summer or winter class.

International applicants who do not reside in the US may register for in-person or hybrid summer/winter courses only if they have their own means to enter and reside in the US for the duration of the session. UMBC does not provide immigration documentation assistance to international applicants who apply to UMBC as single term visiting students.

Admission for visiting students in the summer or winter sessions is for one term only. To enroll in future semesters, you must reapply.  International students who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate degree programs at UMBC are encouraged to apply for regular admission to the university.