Accounts and Billing

UMBC bills students electronically - paper bills are not issued. E-bills are available monthly, the first business day of each month, as determined by the date you register for your courses:

Register By E-Bill Date Due Date Late Fee Charged
November 30 December 1 December 20 December 25
December 31 January 1 January 20 January 25
After December 31 February 1 February 20 February 25

Notification is sent to your UMBC email account each month when e-bills are available. A reminder email is sent 7 days later, if e-bills have not been viewed. Once posted, e-bills are due on the 20th of that month, and late fees are assessed on the 25th of that month.

View Account

Access current account information through Account Inquiry via myUMBC.

How to View Your Bill

Pay bill

Close-up of computer keyboard with a 'Bill Payment' button next to the 'Enter' key.UMBC offers a variety of online payment options. You can also pay your bill in person or by mail at the Student Business Services Cashier’s Office. Be sure to pay your bill by the due date to avoid any late payment fees.

Students can use profile sharing to authorize others to pay their bills. Once authorized users are added, they receive email notifications when e-bills are available and reminder emails if e-bills are not viewed in 7 days.


Courses dropped on or before the first day of winter session (January 4) will receive a 100% tuition and fee refund. After January 4 refunds are pro-rated based on the day the course is dropped.

Course Drop Date Percent of Tuition & Fees Refunded*
On or before January 4 100%
January 5 75%
January 6 50%
January 7 25%
After January 7 0%

*Students are responsible for payment of 100% of non-refundable fees.