Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits am I allowed to take?

You can enroll in up to 4.5 credits in winter session. Highly motivated and academically strong students may be granted permission to enroll in more than the designated winter course load limit with prior approval.

I have a hold on my account that’s preventing me from registering. How do I remove it?

Contact the appropriate department for specific information regarding your hold.

I tried to register and was blocked. How do I get permission to enroll?

Certain courses and/or situations require special permission in order to register.

I previously took a class at UMBC as a visiting student, do I need to apply again?

Visiting student admission is only valid for a single, non-consecutive summer or winter session, so you will need to submit another visiting student application for the current session.

How do I know which administrative office to contact?

The Office of Academic Standards and Policy compiled a detailed list of UMBC administrative offices and their various roles and responsibilities.